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TANK vs TANKLESS…..What is best for you.

We are constantly being asked about tankless water heaters. Although somewhat new to our market, they have been in use in other countries for many years. The greatest benefit is that the heaters only operate when demand is made for hot water. Therefore, while you are away from your home, you are not paying to heat water as you would with a conventional storage tank. Tankless heaters require much less space and can be mounted on an exterior wall with no additional venting requirements.

Tankless heaters are manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet individual demand. If sized properly, a tankless water heater can provide an endless supply of hot water to your home.

At this time, I do not recommend the use of an electrical tankless heater to provide hot water to your home.

Manufactures do not recommend the use of tankless water heaters where steel piping exists in your home.

There are certain limitations on removing a storage tank and installing a tankless heater. A tankless water heater requires an electrical outlet, a larger gas line and the venting requirements are very specific. At one time, the cost differential was substantial. But with the increased demand for tankless, they have come down in price while the storage type heater has faced consistent price increases over the past few years.

Finally, I would not recommend allowing an untrained person to install a tankless water heater. While it appears to be an easy installation, there are issues that the untrained person may not address. Contact us if you would like further information on this subject.